District Montréal



  • 55 feet long x 12 feet wide
  • 22 concentric circles of water. 625 bottles per circle. In total: 13,750 bottles.

> About 2,100 plastic water bottles are discarded every week at the Montreal Eaton Centre. The pond represents six weeks of water bottles put into recycling.


  • The dragonfly wings are made from clothes hangers and the plastic wrapping that protects clothing during transport. Light and flowing, the transparent plastic suits itself to simulate the two pairs of wings of the insect.

> About 135 kg of plastic clothes hangers and 315 kg of plastic packaging and wrapping are discarded every week at the Montreal Eaton Centre.

Lily flowers

  • The lily flowers are made from plastic ice cream buckets that are stacked into one another. The centres of the flowers consist of the coloured lids of these containers.
  • The lily pads were cut out from accordion file folders that were discarded from neighbouring office towers.

> 12 to 20 ice cream buckets are put into recycling every week.


  • The cattails were constructed from cardboard, more specifically, from printing paper boxes and paper towel rolls.


  • Like real flowers that attract bees, the flowers of the pond, composed of tin cans and paper cups, are bright and multi-coloured.
  • Metal supports from accordion file folders serve as stems.

> About 520 tin cans and 450 paper cups are put into recycling every week

Tall grass / Algae

  • The tall grass is made from the yellow plastic strapping used to fasten boxes onto shipping pallets.
  • The algae are made from the backing of the double-sided tape used to assemble the water bottles in concentric circles.

> About 12 rolls of double-sided tape were used to build the pond.


  • The fish were designed with water and soda bottles as well as clear plastic coat hangers. Bubble wrap serves as a protective skin for the fish.


  • The pond’s frogs were born out of a green, Sprite plastic bottle and are supported on a transparent plastic hanger.

> Pay attention, and you just might here these frogs caw!


  • Made up of small, big and breaking waves.
  • 24 smaller waves comprising 88 bottles each add up to 2,112 bottles.
  • 16 bigger waves with 128 bottles add up to 2,048 bottles.
  • 12 breaking waves carry 160 bottles for a total of 1,920 bottles.

> All in all : 6,080 plastic water bottles were put together to form the waterfalls.


  • 54 salmons swimming upstream…
  • Each salmon was made with a bleach container, bubble wrap and plastic caps.


  • 10 trees. Height : 14 metres (46 feet). Surface of cardboard boxes required to make tree trunks: 5,000 square feet.
  • 50 branches called upon 5,400 square feet of cardboard boxes

> All in all: 800 leafs – each made with a folder – adorn the tree branches

Centennial tree

  • 70-foot high tree raises from Sainte-Catherine Level up to the 5th Floor!
  • Cardboard boxes were assembled to make up 20 different panels (80 square feet each) that become the tree’s bark, for a total of 1,600 square feet of cardboard boxes.